Monday, 4 February 2013

Goes to my instagram friend


Her name denies her hair color
Wikipedia says golden,
But i think,
To her, it doesn't really bother

Her Grand ma's the best
Her family means the most to her
Her smile is great,
and so is her cat's fur    

Well,ill be honest
i don't know how to judge a person
Even in the flash of an eye
She comes from the world of amazon

In her pics ,she seems so happy
Her smile looks so sweet n chirpy
I think there's more to that
A girl with dreams,her world lil bumpy

I arrived on her through instagram
some pics were cool,some were just diagram
i can barely read most of it
only flavia understands,i hate being a sham

her pic of childhood,
she looks so cute
let's make better mistakes tomorrow
only 3 likes,but dats so true

I wish her all the best
She is great,she'll make it big
all i say ,the world is bad,
But she is brave,but she gotta dig

Monday, 21 January 2013

There's always a light within,trust !

More often than not, we keep on looking for the answers to our questions outside.Of late, there are some very negative feelings that i have been surrounded by , things which are beyond my control.Sometimes, these things take a big toll on me, taking me to the inner most sanctum of unhappiness.My heart sometimes gets shadowed by images of a haunting past where , i was ,to an extent responsible.My mother used to explain me always that after a thunder , there is always a good weather coming, but then possibly i was too stupid to comprehend any part of it.

Now, when we become old and understand what life keeps on bringing to you, you get so much unhappy.

When the whole world is against you, remember, you have to be your own light.No one else can do things for you,except yourself.

I read this somewhere and would like to share with you :

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.”

And i don't need to explain this to you.A star will always continue to brim with energy whether or not things around it change or not.You have to be a star in this world where most things are dark matter.You have to be a star, probably not for yourself, but for others which count on you ,in ways that you will probably understand in your absence. Always be thankful to God for things he has bestowed upon you. Thank him for he has been so kind to you,ask him not to give you less sufferings but stronger courage so that you can face them.
You are the best thing this world could ever have. Make the most of it .
Live with Passion,

Turn your roadblocks into success,have faith in GOD

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Why am i so confused in life ?

I don't know if it has happened with you or not , but at some point in time in life, we all get confused for one reason or other. Sometimes , in our personal space and sometimes in our professional space.We really are not sure whether the direction we are heading is correct for us in the long run.You know, it's like as if you are sleepwalking in the day , not knowing where life is taking you . I haven't had so many great failures as some of you might had, but i am surely equipped with some of the advises which my failures taught me.Sometimes in life, you wake up in the morning and look straight in the mirror wondering what will you do next.I think, sometimes, i have been going through the same.Each day sometimes becomes,  a never ending mystery ,each passing moment makes you all the more perplexed . I don't have an answer to that , but if you do, let me know and what do you about it ?

Monday, 31 December 2012

What can you let go off ?

Well as this year comes to an end, we all have had our share of good times and bad times.I think its time, we just let go off some of the things we really cannot change or less, there is no point thinking about them either.
And letting go off, could be many things to many people,say for example, this year you really had a nasty fight with your friend, and you just messed up , so just let it go. This world is too small to waste around fighting.Or could be you have been caught in your dilemma that may be "I'm not so good", you could be just be the best thing ever, your best time is yet to come, you have to let go, or , it could be you had been suffering from some addiction for a while, in my case ,for example, i have been kinda having hukka , so i have thought lets just give it a rest .
Bravo, we made it through the end of the world, and it only gets better,doesn't it ?We have our entire life in front of us .Let's say no to some of the nasty habits we had acquired over the past few years. A big no no !
I am going to leave a lot of things , going to start 2013 clean .
What are you going  let go ?

Live with Passion,

Should be this way !

Monday, 24 December 2012

World is funny indeed...

Actually found the picture on the right while surfing the net.Yep, so true the words are on the right.But not , so many of us,including myself ,get to the bottom of it.The shit happens when we start to make to make others happy , which in all reality, is not such a wise thing to do, trust me.The world is indeed a place where people are really hard to get along, but that's OK  your job is not to make everyone happy. One of the best situations is when all of the people are happy or all of the people are annoyed, the problem is only when people are indifferent towards your work. Now, that really pisses off, doesn't it. I actually , learnt this thing from Apple company.You cannot please everyone but you have to maintain a balance between the people who like you and the people who dislike you.
So don't worry next time if someone doesn't like you, understand it , but more than that, check if that person is indifferent , that is a problem then.
Sometimes, any type of publicity is good.You just need to do what is right.

Live with Passion,

Monday, 8 October 2012

Never say never...get' urself

Its your life,make it large
This question has struck with us so many times, as to WTH (h for hell) are we doing here on this earth, and to many of us this would never possibly occur, :(  .That's a reality for the most part . I was watching the movie Thor , the other day and i could still vividly remember a part of the conversation between Dr. Erik Selvig and Thor  .
This happens when they are sitting in the bar and Thor is sad and think that is he is completely lost in his life.

Thor ->

You know,
I had it all backwards.
I had it all wrong.
Was that a bad thing, finding out that you don't have all the answers?

Dr Selvig ->

You start asking the right questions.

Thor ->

For the first time in... in my life,I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

Dr Selvig ->

Anyone who's ever going to find his way in this world, has to start by admitting, he doesn't know where the hell he is.

Thor ->

Thank you,
for what you've done.

This conversation leads us to something we all know , all of us are somehow getting trapped each and every day in the same old maze , a world where the right is not right anymore , where people are still judged by their outer appearances . All i think again and again is what Steve Jobs , very rightly mentioned in his speech once - " You've got to find what you love" and the rest would fall in place.
Most of us never tried to find these answers in the first place and look where some of us have been.We get distracted. We suffer setbacks. We get interrupted. We get sick or hurt.These things happen to all of us at some point in time or the other. We keep on thinking as to  “Why is this happening to me?”. First things first - We must first recognize that we’ve lost focus.We have to get back on the horse we fell off from and ride again.
Take a break from your normal life, think again what has and hasn't worked for you. You cannot be a winner in life , unless you have a plan . So what's next , you have to plan, let your past be past . Your past never equals your future unless you chose to be.Remember what Katy Perry said .. huh ? "baby you are a firework" .What happens when you fall down , you get up and again and again and again until ...u r on ..
You are indeed a firework , so just go out and get what you want !

Live with Passion,

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Why so serious ? Girls find their real love

 Well, to be honest, or TBH , as the new cool dudes would put it, i love the way these days, things have changed, I mean totally , take for simple case of a girl falling in love. Huh ?

I don't want a perfect person, I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well & loves being with me more than anything.

All girls , want the above thing, a non perfect person , but really , huh ? i don't think so , at all. What about Tom Cruise , and Johnny Depp fantasies .

Tricky question because of the infinite amount of variants involved in the minds of women. No two are the same and no woman is ever looking for the same thing every day.
The girls of today's century have totally changed a lot.The other day i was travelling in the train to my workplace and i overheard two girls discussing the same old things which i have been hearing for quite some time.
They were again discussing their future prospects of how they were going to get married,the usual things which are very common these days.To sum up, if i would, i think there are some top 6 good qualities which are desirable in a boy from a girl's prespective :

1. Sense of humor
2. Support
3. Intelligence
4. Focused goals
5. Sensitivity
6. Confidence

And well there are some things which are clearly undesirable ,like

1. Lack of humor
2. Lack of goals
3. Negativity
4. Lack of self-esteem
5. Extreme jealousy
6. Self-centered behavior

Think about it ?

Friday, 28 September 2012

Once and forever , i guess

Just look at the photo on the left and god , does that remind you of something , i hope it does.
Funny enough , you might be thinking but actually, well it's a kinda of emotion ,people attach to you and sometimes, you are unable to remove that pathetic feeling. What to do , then , well , to be honest, don't be an ass-licker , that's all i can say. One son of a bitch attached some thing about you , and it exploded and now everyone is talking the same way, time to screw that . You are born for something larger than yourself. Don't get your mind stuck in petty things like this. I, mean , seriously , emotions like these , actually f**k up your mind when actually it could have been used for some fruitful purpose.Get away from negative people, who do nothing, but suck away all your positive energy.Never mind, your a firework.I recently , was watching this movie called "Prometheus" and one thing , i learned was that you are what you choose to believe. Don't loose on you , not now, not ever.
Live with Passion,